Agenda RLC18

Agenda Day 1

 Inaugural session 0930 – 1110

 Opening Key Note by the CEO of Retail Leaders Conference

A dialogue on – The Economic Edge

A leading economist will take you through the trends that will shape business throughout 2018. From demographic shifts to the winds of political change, this macroeconomic view will give you the foresight to adapt react accordingly.

A dialogue with Dr. Ishart Hussain  **

Ex – Dean of the Institute of Business Administration and Ex Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan

The Future of Retail / the future cities

Nearly 70 % of the globes’ growing population will live in cities by 2050, and there will be projected mega cities of 10million or more. The latest census in Pakistan has shown the top 10 cities of the country comprise of 25 % of the population of the country.  This will look and feel dramatically different,  and one cannot discuss the cities without incorporating the massive role retail will play in catering to this new geography. How can retailers and city planners  work together to create space that reflect a new way of living and shopping?

CEO Urban Unit

Keynote Talk:  Pakistan leading the region

Mr. Naeem  Zamindar – Chairman BOI

International Key Note :

How to Become a Game Changer

Morning Tea/Coffee


Second Session



Keynote Address:

The Rise Of The Machines – The AI Revolution And The Road To Super intelligence. What Will AI Mean For The Future Of Work?

Digitization and Artificial intelligence In customer service – The time is now

  • Debating why it’s critical to have digital and personalised interactions as part of any customer service strategy – and why the time is now
  • Investigating the role of AI online and whether consumers will miss the human touch – how do you put the customer at the heart of your strategy


How can payment analytics form the backbone of personalised loyalty programmes

The rise of ME-Commerce: Why personalisation holds the keys to deeper engagement and higher returns

The Future Of The Malls:

  • Customer experience is key: Why shopping isn’t, and never really was, only about the transaction
  • Transforming malls into all-encompassing entertainment centres to drive footfall and encourage


  • In The Age Of M-Commerce – From the ground up: a digital first approach to the malls of tomorrow
  • Linking offline and online: creating mobile apps with real time features and offers

Hussam Raouf, Managing Director

Mont Hill Consultancy ,United Arab Emirates

How Payments Can Keep Up With Retail Innovation

  • Connecting Devices With Payment

Lunch & Networking Meeting

 Final Session  -Day 1

1400hrs – 16.30hrs

 International Key Note

Luxury products business in an emerging market

 The Retail CEO panel

Accomplishing a successful metamorphosis brings with it some painful challenges and difficult decisions. Our panel of vanguard retail CEOs will reveal the decisions they are making in the context of the evolving role of the physical shop, and the strategic and operational implications these decisions imply. They will also look at some of the other challenges hurtling over the horizon at them, including commodity prices, changing consumer behaviour, retail tech,

Shailesh Chaturvedi – CEO Tommy Hilfiger India
Ahmed Ismail, CEO, Majid Al Futtaim Ventures

 Creating Value through Store Design  : What will Stores look like in future :

Showcasing New Ideas and innovate designs that are being created and implemented to build the store of the Future.

Who is your new consumer?

Meet the top leaders of Retail how they are handling the ever changing and adding growth of the business:

Offering a thought provoking analysis on the behavior and preferences of consumers today and the opportunities that lie ahead to help you better serve, delight, surprise,  and relate to your customer.

  • Working around the need of consumer
  • Reacting on the consumer behavior


Mohamad Subedar – Chief Business Development officer –Al Hokair Fashion

Jayne Rafter  – CEO and Publishing Director of RLI

End of Day 1700hrs

Gala Dinner 19.30


Agenda Day 2

1st Session 0900-1100

This year we have added a whole session on F & B retail.

Future of Hyper Markets/Departmental Stores

Panel Discussion

In this inspirational session, he will also talk how emerging local hyper market are successfully implements new practices in light of evolving customer behaviour and trends

Food For Tomorrow – How Current Trends Are  Shaping The Growth Areas Of Tomorrow

How innovation is leading to growth and potential for food market – WHAT IS THE NEW NORMAL

For the last decade, innovation in the food sector has been driven by, and met, consumers’ increasing demands for convenient, affordable, value-based, nutritious and healthy food – off the shelves, at the restaurants, and home-delivered options. This Session will be able to answer following questions emerging in food marketers mind?

 What’s the next wave of consumer demands?

 Where will new food trends take us — and what do they mean for our family tables, restaurant kitchens and grocery aisles?

 As technology evolves exponentially, and new concepts and layouts are always at play, what can food sector players do to keep up?



Alliance Avenues With Foreign Partners To Expand The Food MARKET IN Pakistan


A unique chance to discover in vogue retail food concepts and build business connections with them! Find more information about the 10 handpicked food retailers in our «Discover In Vogue Food & Beverage Retailers»

Morning tea/coffee Break


Second Session


Customer Centric Retailing  – The Connected Store Friend or Foe

How are progressive retailers turning their attention to equipping their store associates with technology for the next phase of interconnected shopping and creating a truly customer centric experience?

Banks & Technology Panel Debate:

  • Now you have heard from both we will now bring together both sides to explore the challenges that are being faced in the move towards a cashless adoption.
  • Both sides will explore what the future of a cashless society looks like in societies which are heavily reliant on cash.

Increasing E-Commerce Revenue:

Panel Discussion

Customer landscape is radically and rapidly changing by the innovations in e-commerce and  technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Today’s connected shoppers are able to reach any product or product information easily and they are increasingly demanding more from Retailers .

Retail Creativity

A dynamic, captivating session exploring how brands and Retailers will be connecting and communicating with customers in Future

Closing Session

Lunch Break


Market Visit:

1430 to 1700

 A visit is arranged to take all the international participants to give an insight of the market:

Emporium Mall:

Emporium Mall is a shopping mall located in Johar Town, Lahore southwest of Lahore International Expo Centre. The y-story mall is spread over 1.8 million square feet and is home to over 200 stores and a five-star hotel. It is also one of the largest shopping malls of the world by gross leasable area. The Mall is managed by the Nishat Group. Their daily estimated visitors are 50 thousand people.

Packages Mall:

Packages Mall is located right next to DHA & will be easily accessible from Ferozepur road also. The mall boasts of an impressive 2000+ cars parking & is going to house 200+ retail brands all under one roof. It’s the 2nd largest mall in Pakistan.

Retail Leaders Conference, Lahore 2018